Happy Spring (?)

So, where is Spring anyway? It's been too cold and too wet to appreciate the end of winter. We have some exciting things happening on the music front  to keep us distracted from the cruddy weather! We are recording a new album and I will also be recording an album of my solo guitar stuff with 1/2 the tracks with vocals. I've been laying down some tracks here at my studio for fun but we will be going into a professional studio with a producer soon. We are in the planning process and it's very exciting! We are also getting Corey's music mastered for his album that we plan to release when all is said and done. I will be performing at WCL next Thursday night and plan to unleash some new songs. But not only will I be playing new material, I will have a brand new live album with me!! Hope that holds you over until we are finished the new projects...happy spring!