Moving forward

I can't believe it's August! I haven't blogged or updated much this summer and I do apologize for that. It has been a transitional period for us, our music and our careers in general. I didn't book many shows this summer b/c I wanted to focus on writing, recording, a music video and some music related opportunities that are presenting themselves. I've been stepping lightly for long enough. I'm ready to get to work, get out of the planning process and dive into a new adventure. I left Cinderella Records and we are unsigned again which is actually GREAT b/c now we can focus on the best road to take and who to let in the car with us. We're working with a new manager who is really helping us with connections in the music industry, music licensing & publishing and overall direction. Breedlove offered me a sponsorship earlier this summer and though the process has been a little slow, it's official! A few guitars were shipped to me just last week and I chose the guitar that I will endorse-I really love it. This alone has been a huge stepping stone and it's amazing to have them behind me as an artist. I have a photo shoot on Monday with the guitar and promo photo along with a bio will be added to their website under their artist link, how cool?!! We are working on a few things that it's a little too soon to talk about (really exciting stuff!!) so, check in time to time on the website & I’ll be keeping everyone updated through our newsletter, facebook page &  official site. We will be headlining an amazing benefit event at World Café Live (downstairs) Sunday September 11th…if you’re in the Philly area, stop by, it’s a rockin’ lineup and all proceeds go to the Philadelphia Veterans Multi-Service & Education Center, a wonderful place in the city that helps homeless vets. You can read full details in the TOUR link ;) Peace.