Excitement, Anticipation & Butterflies

As many of you know already know, we have taken Corey's music to a producer, James Stapleford (he recorded my last EP and live at Chaplin’s) who has cleaned up the home recordings, mixed and mastered them, along with adding some texture and some of my harmony vocals and other vocals etc. Well, it's done!! I'm freaking out, I haven't felt this happy in a long time. No one deserved this more than Corey. We have two albums worth so we may decide to release one at a time or do a two disc album. The one CD has Corey's earlier music and the second album is where his music matured to and was headed before he passed. We will be releasing around his birthday, January 20th & we are still figuring out the details for a Cd release party. I definitely want to celebrate this album with everyone who loved Corey and was connected with his music but I'm not sure how to coordinate this event without Corey being here to perform. I've had a few thoughts...one was to get a few bands together to cover Corey's songs including my band, another thought was having a slideshow with the album playing in the background, having poems, pictures and video footage or doing both, having a few songs covered live followed by a short slideshow with the remaining songs. If anyone has any ideas they would like to throw my way, please do not hesitate to email me with your thoughts. They are welcome and appreciated. I've been covering Eye to Eye and Spiderman with my trio and I think I'm going to put Eye to Eye on my new album, it's a total last minute change but I can feel Corey nudging me to do this and it feels right so I'm gonna go for it. We did the song last time we played Chaplin’s and I should be receiving a copy of that recording soon so that will be a preview of our rendition of it until we cut it in the studio. Along with Corey's album release, he will be getting a brand new interactive website...a wonderful beginning to 2010.