Gigs & Digs

I cannot go without blogging about our show last night at Sellersville Theater. It was by far one of the best times I've had in a while. Our friend Brad videotaped the show so that will be coming to youtube soon : ) Another friend took photos so we have the whole event documented!! Thank you to all the people last night who dug our vibe, chatted with us, bought our CD and signed the mailing list!! The coolest thing was the audience wanting an encore!! We couldn't give the audience another song since we were only openers & the theater is on a tight schedule but standing on stage hearing "ONE MORE!!!" "ONE MORE" was thrill enough : ) We are psyched to have a growing fanbase and it's great to meet new people and talk music!! ...and of course thank you to everyone at Sellersville theater who made us feel like rockstars last night XOXO

Looking forward to a weekend of festivals, beginning in Lansdale on Saturday at Enchanted Fall Fest & Sunday in Jim Thorpe for their Fall Foliage Festival. I get to play solo Saturday which is something I haven't done in more than a year!! It's kind of crazy reading that sentence back considering that's all I did for at least 5 years : / I'm diggin' out some hardcore stuff so I'm psyched to break out things I haven't had much of a chance to perform live. There are some instrumentals I wrote at the time of writing songs for Playing With Pendulums that did not make it to the record and have been on the back burner. I also can't wait to dig my heels into some older material and revamp it a little. I love putting a new twist on an old tune. Mike might come out and play some percussion so that will be fun!! My dad may also sit in on a tune or two...we'll see what the day brings...Sunday should be tons of fun, we get to rock Jim Thorpe and since the time frame is wide, there will definitely be some sick improv happening. Good times!!


Photo by Bunny Barnes