Here we come, ready or not

Wow, 2010 is really turning out to be AWESOME! We have some great shows ahead of us, playing Tri County Performing Arts Center, Sellersville Theater, a great music festival (Stir Fry Music Revival), headed to NY And DC to play in August...I'm SO excited! We've been focusing on a couple new songs I'm really psyched to share in the upcoming weeks at our live shows. I've been experimenting with some new rhythmical ideas on guitar while singing especially on this one new song (YOUR FIRST TIME IS MY LAST), it's really coming together and the bass line and drums kick it up a notch...we've got Mike kickin' it with this tribal earthy beat and Steve and I are keeping it progressive, lyrics are sexy and haunting yet it's upbeat in an indie rock kind of way that makes you wanna's my new fav!

Steven and I are also working on a cool duet that features Steve tapping on bass and myself on's an instrumental, it's really sweet so we'll probably unveil it sometime this summer.

This might just be the coolest thing that is happening right now though...for you youtube fanatics, you probably have heard of Erik Mongrain, inventor of air tap guitar playing, youtube sensation. Well, I missed an opportunity to open for him at Sellersville Theater but his team is now keeping in touch with my team and I may get the opportunity to tour with him in the near future and open a few shows! He's amazing so this would be a dream come true!! FANS, keep your fingers crossed! I actually had a few dreams this week about it haha!!

Cheers to the 4th of July!