Killer show last night

I had a blast playing with Trevor Gordon Hall last night. We were special guests for the Stretched Strings Concert Series with Tim Farrell. I finally got to do a show solo, all instrumentals with tap, finger style and percussion except one song (Skywatching). I also got to unveil two songs I've been working on which were received very well. I'm thrilled with the way they turned out & the crowds response. This was also my first time seeing Trevor play and it was INCREDIBLE!!! He plays with a kalimba which was crafted just for him with the help of some people over at Martin Guitars and attached to his guitar, this boy has major coordination skills. It was a great music match so we plan on booking something soon, stay tuned for those of you who missed last nights event :)

I'm planning on doing a video blog, maybe tonight if I can get up the energy. I want to update you on "Never Say Goodbye", the song I planned a snippet of in my first video blog. I played it last night and I'm psyched about it! I also want to do a video of "When Corey Comes Around". I did a video 3 years ago when I first wrote it but it has evolved a lot since then so I want to share it with you. Of course I will include it in my set May 14 in Bethlehem so if you're not busy, come out and see it live!

RECORDING UPDATE: We are making plans to get in the studio to record a new EP and a few singles for other artists consideration. I'm ready to get these songs out there and into your ears! This EP will include PRETTY FEELING, HEAR ME OUT, THIS IS HOW I FEEL & more...