New songs and thank goodness it finally feels like SUMMER!

My enthusiasm for music and life is at an all time high right now. The sun is shining, the scent of fresh cut grass is in the air and we're gearing up to play First Friday Doylestown tomorrow! We cannot wait to unleash a new song we've been working on. (Thank goodness the forecast is clear for tomorrow night!) I wrote a new tune titled, "This Is How" in March (24th to be exact). It's not a fancy song, the chord transitions are interesting & progressive but it is simple picking and strumming under very intense vocals. The bassline is so pleasing to my ear. Go Steve! The drums further intensify the emotion of the song. Though I would not classify the song as an "upbeat" one, the tempo is not slow and we definitely rock it out. I waited a long time to bring it to the table, it was more edgy vocal wise and I wasn't sure how my bandmates would perceive it. They ate it up and now we finally get to share this spicy dish with an audience tomorrow. I'm sure I'll record it at some point (here in my home studio) and I have a feeling it will make it to our follow up album. I will keep everyone updated on this new piece of the pie. Join us tomorrow at the corner of Main and State in Dtown (Starbucks Parking Lot), it's free, it's all ages, it's outside, it will be awesome! If you have not had a chance to get the new album, it will be available to buy tomorrow night! (it's on itunes too but we wanna see ya in person!!!)