Off to a Good START!

I think 2010 is going to be a great year! We're off to a good start so far. We have two more sessions in the studio with our producer and then it's in his hands, the mixing and mastering...while myself, the band and my team plan the CD release event, choose pictures for posters and CD cover, do interviews, spread the word and gear up for our summer shows etc. It's so exciting and slightly exhausting but I'm ready!! I did a shoot last week with a fabulous photographer, Colleen Stepanian, that went very well (you can see some photos in the "look" link-more to come soon!). Some people have commented, "where's your smile?". This album is edgy & I wanted the pictures to portray the mood of the record. So far, my two favorite songs from the album are MEXICO & WHEN THE DAY IS DONE WITH ME. Two totally different songs as far as feel, tempo, etc, one expression through words and another through melody. You can hear a sample clip of  When the Day Is Done With Me in the "listen" link. 

It's so funny to me thinking back to 2007 when I was working on "A Genuine Distraction" (which never saw daylight) that was a collection of sexy, funky, jazzy, bluesy songs. Life happens and changes your mood and it takes on new life within song, evolving, changing and progressing. I love those songs from the album that never was and one of the tracks ("WHEN") will actually be on "PLAYING WITH PENDULUMS" but this album is autobiographical of where I was emotionally 2008-2009 and it's honest-every song just happened, there was no planning or searching. When I'm feeling it, I may revisit the songs I never had a chance to record from A GENUINE DISTRACTION but for now I'm totally content with my new baby and cannot wait to share this music with my fans.