Trick or Treat?

And so it is yet another October gone (my favorite month of the year). No time for a melancholy attitude, too busy with our new album! We posted some stuff (video of Hola Nino Hermosa, audio from The Ground We Lay On & Happy Guitar) from our session last Saturday which in my opinion went very well, was fun, exciting and productive. I cannot wait to get back in the studio! I got my boys singing behind me now on a new song that we are working on (not recorded yet) and it's so nice to have that deep full male range as a gentle foundation to the tone of my vocals, I really dig it! We will get to experiment with a lot of the new and old KP material & new Tapestry material at our show on the 4th up at ESU. We definitely plan on further documenting the making of this album so keep a look out for videos and such. So far it has been a light hearted experience but I know as we delve deeper into the material considering who this album is being dedicated to and all the emotions & memories that many of the songs embody, the intensity for me may be overwhelming but none the less therapeutic. I often wonder what Corey’s reaction would be to this album & specific songs, what words he may use to describe the music, his facial expressions…I wonder most about what he would play along with me. His album most likely will be released also in 2010 a few months before mine drops…I so wish I could physically see him enjoy that. There is nobody that sounds like Corey Parrish, his music will shake you to the core. I can't wait, definitely a treat.