Two more tracks/last session

We are literally two tracks away from completing our 2010 album. I'm giddy! It's been quite a journey and we were lucky enough to have some of it video documented which we will release on youtube and our official website when all is finished. When I first began to record this album, I wasn't totally sure if I was in the right place, working with the right people or even if my heart was sure of which tracks to use and not use. I had a deep connection to about 20+ songs that I felt belonged together and I did not want to separate them. Over time, with much patience, things became clearer and the answers stood before me like a bright light. That light lead me to morning star studios in Spring City, it shined on the 12 songs that truly as a whole made the statement I wanted to convey, it shined on my band and our commitment to the music and to each other as a musical unit and it comforted me to know that all the people involved were trustworthy, passionate and hard working. The record is balanced with 5 vocal tracks and 5 instrumentals. There is passion, pain, love, curiosity, honesty, comfort and happiness in these tracks. This album has helped me move past some of the hardest things I've had to endure during the past two years. I don't know where I would be without these songs & though I am still working through a lot of pain and disappointment, this music has given me great strength to follow through and grow as a person & as a musician. I hope that those who have lost someone irreplaceable in their lives will also find strength and comfort through this album. I felt guided to cover one of Corey's songs on this album as a tribute to him both as a musician, composer and brother. It will be the last track of the CD.

On a lighter note, I had the most fun photoshoot with my dear friend and amazing photographer, Colleen Stepanian. We have chosen the photo for the album cover and I've never been so pleased. She did a wonderful job in capturing the emotion of this album through the shot we chose. I'm excited to see it when it's all finished & even more excited to share it with everyone! Three months to go until the release ; ]