Worst Blogger ever!

I think I'm officially the worst blogger ever for one main reason, I only blog when I remember that I haven't in three months and then another three months go by and the cycle continues. I've been trying to think of ways I could make blogging more enjoyable for myself and I'm trying one out this morning. It's 10:00 AM on Sunday morning and I'm blogging from my porch which is one of my favorite spots on earth! I figured if I took my laptop to a place I really love, I might be inspired to write a blog. Blogging is so different from writing songs. One might think songs are very personal ways to express one's self and this is true in many cases. In my case (often but not always), I tend to hide behind my lyrics, I write in riddles & metaphors so that what I write can mean one thing for me but many things for others. And sometimes, I don't what my listener to know exactly what I'm singing about so I can sing without fear of judgment and just let go. You can't do that in a blog! Songs also take on different meanings after time, not all but some. Blogs don't do that either. I'm in the literal world right now but it's very comfy here on my big porch, in my big comfy chair with a warm cup of my favorite roasted brown rice green tea, birds chirping, the thick sound of cicadas and crickets all around me...I could get used to this! 

So what's new? Well, as most of you reading this know already, we released our new album, Feel in August. Steve, Mike and I have been rehearsing every week and writing some new songs too. I feel like a musical butterfly b/c there has been so many creative changes over the last year. Steve and I have been writing a lot more together and it's connecting us on a higher level. We've been together almost a decade so finding a new exciting level of our relationship is super cool! I don't know why we didn't try to write songs together sooner, we tried but always failed, never completed anything and in ways competed with each other. See, now I'm nervous b/c I'm writing personal things down in my blog and I'm not used to that! I'm trying not to press that backspace button...let go, let go. Anyway, I don't think it was a conscious competition type thing. I for one was not used to writing lyrics with someone. When Corey and I used to collaborate, it was always the music arrangement of the song and then I would write lyrics on my own. My natural way of writing is different from Steve's. He really sticks to the topic whereas I might drift. It's been really good to write with Steve b/c he keeps me focused of what we're writing about. We don't always agree and that's actually a GREAT thing. Sometime's his idea is better and I'm glad we chose that phrase instead of mine...sometimes I come up with the better puzzle piece but in the end we have this creation that is him and me and it makes it really special. Best Friend was the first song we wrote together and it's such a special song b/c it's about our dogs that we adore. Steve wrote the music and we collaborated on the lyrics, I wrote some piano parts and we brought Mike in for drums on the chorus and little percussive sounds throughout the verses. Playing that song live will be a challenge b/c Steve plays bass and guitar on the track so we need to find someone to play bass on it for the CD release show...

Speaking of the CD release show...we are having it November 10th at Siren Records in Doylestown!! We're stoked! Siren is such a cool spot and there aren't many record stores around anymore so it's a special place for music lovers. The last time I performed at Siren Records was in the summer of 2007 when they were in their old 'new location'...such a cool spot, really fun stage with lights and lots of room. It's a shame they had to relocate but their new spot is super cool too!! We are preparing to have t-shirts designed to sell with our new album. We've never done the t-shirt thing before so I'm brainstorming, we all are! If you have any suggestions or ideas, feel free to comment on our Eye To Eye FB page. I love when fans and friends come up with cool concepts, if you're a true fan, you're apart of this band! We'd hook it up to, free T, shout out in the newsletter and every time we mention them during shows ; D 


Well, this day is just to gorgeous to keep sitting here. I'm gonna go on a hike! Have a fabulous week and check back, I plan to blog at least once a week...we'll see :)