Playing With Pendulums

The Krista Parrish Trio

A journey of one's soul interpreted musically through intense instrumental pieces and thought provoking singer-songwriter style songs. Features finger style and two handed tap guitar. "Easier Said Than Done", track 11, went to #1 on the indie music charts

"Krista Parrish has an infectious sound that blends elements of 70's art rock with superb modern tap guitar. She is a Must-See!" Glenn Barratt, Morning Star Studios

"Parrish's command of the guitar could easily steal the show if her voice weren't equally as magnetic." T.J. Alexander Channel 6 ABC

"Comparisons to Kaki King and Leo Kottke come to mind when I listened to her playing, but her singing is in a league of it’s own. Their song, “Easier Said Than Done”, was number one on the indie charts. Her band mates, Mike Fazekas on drums and Steve Murphy on bass, are the perfect compliment to her." Tri State Indie 2010

When The Day Is Done With Me, track 5 off the 2010 release, "Playing With Pendulums" "This song is a sparkling diamond that glistens ever so brightly,it is a shining wonder indeed. Krista has captured the essence of pure songwriting here on "When the Day is done with me", just sheer genius in both lyrical and musical content, a gem. Krista's vocals are rich and the music is textured with splashes of amazing colors, Her delivery is wonderful and the Trio really lays down an excellent track for sure. should be on radio, I mean real radio,loved the listen." Bryon Tosoff, Voodoohead Productions

SKYWATCHING, track 3 off the 2010 release, "PLAYING WITH PENDULUMS" "This song is like, sky high aural joy" Pure Joy Radio

PLAYING WITH PENDULUMS:TITLE TRACK "Nothing on my mind, nowhere to go and no one to see ... a perfect chance to put my feet up for another long night, and spend it with me. Alone here in my sanctuary with my little radio on listening to this ever so tranquil, reflective, soothing and timeless 'let the world go by' quintessential instrumental, memories and distant thoughts cascade endlessly through my mind like mist drifting lazily across a valley floor ... beautiful music, consummate arrangement, talented and accomplished musicians." Radio Times

"Her set is characterized by intricate, ethereal instrumental pieces that ebb and flow with sophisticated chord changes and virtuosic runs. She regularly pushes the sonic boundaries of her acoustic guitar, rapping the side of it like a drum or fretting notes with both hands, rather than strumming it, to create passionate flourishes of sound." Jack Firneno, D-Town Magazine

Biography: At a glance Krista Parrish will likely draw you in with her beauty and contagious smile but below the surface is a deeply intellectual, timeless songwriter. She sings with a range and tone that is exceptional, writes clever lyrics that will touch your heart, and plays the strings off a guitar. Krista’s picking style, percussive strumming, two handed finger tapping technique, and intricate chord progressions present a unique quality to every performance. But her ability to combine such virtuosity on her instrument with equal vocal technique truly separates Krista from most contemporary singer songwriters. In any performance, she will share emotion and honesty, sweet, yet raw, whether she is scatting or breaking your heart with a sultry tone. “Krista’s command of the guitar could easily steal the show if her voice weren’t equally magnetic.” says T.J. Alexander, Channel 6 ABC.

Touted as a great solo performer, she now has the addition of husband Steven Murphy on bass and Michael Fazekas on drums. Switching off between piano, guitar and mandolin, the new trio has given Krista a lot of room to grow, experiment and share the writing process with her fellow musicians. "It's a match made in heaven and a blessing to be playing with two people whom I connect so strongly with musically." says Parrish.

The trio released their first full length studio album in mid 2010 titled “Playing With Pendulums”. They worked with Grammy award winning producer and engineer, Glenn Barratt of Morning Star Studios. “Krista Parrish has an infectious sound that blends elements of 70’s art rock with superb modern tap guitar. She is a MUST-SEE!” says Barratt. Coincidentally, the week the album was released, their track “Easier Said Than Done” went to #1 on the indie rock Americana music charts & the “all genre” music chart topping major artists Sheryl Crow, Cyndi Lauper & Gnarls Barkley. Krista has had several songs on the indie music charts in the rock, folk & jazz genres. Since then, the trio has shared stages with national acts such as Acoustic Alchemy, Keller Williams, Garaj Mahal and Francis Dunnery. Krista’s music was accepted in 2010 to stream on the popular internet radio You can find her current CD’s on itunes,,, rhapsody and her official website.

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