Sunshine, piano tuned and feeling oh so good 

I have been waiting for this day for so long! I finally had my piano tuned today and it sounds so refreshing. I have a great keyboard but nothing compares to the warm, rich, big sound of my piano. I can finally make some videos using the piano instead of the keyboard and I am stoked. This past weekend was such a breath of fresh air...literally. I spent much of my time outside with family, friends and I so enjoy being in nature (my happy place). I was in need of some weather in the 70's! My…

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One curve ball at a time: Finding my way back to music 

I wrote this blog a little over two years. I was all "I'm gonna be brave" and "I'm going to be vulnerable" and "I'm going to let people in on the real Krista"...and then I got scared. I didn't post this blog because I was not ready to be so candid and the thought of posting it made me sick to my stomach. I've always been a private person. Sure, I write songs that are personal but singing and talking are two very different things for me. Plus, a song can be taken a lot of different ways. You never really…

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Gracie's Story 

I have been thinking a lot about what I wanted to say in this blog since it's about the most life changing and special experience of my life. I did finally have my baby, one week late. We tried to have her earlier...well my body was trying very hard to have her earlier! I went into labor Tuesday September 3rd and we went to triage but they sent us home b/c I wasn't dilated enough. They told us to walk, eat spicy food etc etc. We did all these things and the contractions got more and more intense, five…

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Fashionably Late... 

I guess Grace will be fashionably late as our due date was yesterday. Looks like we're having a Virgo. Will Labor Day truly be LABOR DAY for me? We'll see...


We gave our guests at the baby shower these awesome eco friendly plantable seed favors. Mike (drummer) planted his and was thoughtful enough to share the progress.


Flowers for Grace

Top Ten List... 

...of things I cannot wait to be able to use, do or eat again once I get this baby out of my belly!

...and in no particular order...

1. Feta Cheese, Blue Cheese & Brie

2. Pilates, Walking, Hiking & My Ellipitical Machine

3. Playing Guitar Comfortably

4. Retinol (Tarte Tinted Moisturizer)

5. Roasted Brown Rice Green Tea

6. Moving Freely & Sleeping Belly Down

7. Cooking

8. Entertaining musically

9. Recording

10. Making Videos

How many more days until I say Bye Bye to baby bump and Hello to Baby Grace?

For real? 

I don't usually blog about mainstream media/music. Someone sent me a picture of Miley Cyrus in a very icky position as a joke and I didn't get it b/c I don't watch trash tv like MTV or VH1. I finally heard about this outrageous performance and I'm about to pop any day, can barely walk around and thought what the hey...I youtubed it. I watched with my jaw on the floor. Words that came to mind were, EW, disgusting, gross, unbelievable, sick and FOR REAL? I am about to give birth to an innocent baby girl and…

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Almost there... 


I will be 37 weeks pregnant tomorrow. I only have 3 more doctor apts. after today unless Grace decides to join us earlier. It has been quite a journey. No matter how many stories you hear from other's about their experience, I know now it can never fully prepare you for your own. Just as we are all 100% unique individuals, our experiences follow in the same path. Music (as always) has kept me afloat, sometimes sailing and other times treading water. None the less, keeping my head above water. My belly…

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Perfect Gift for Grace 

One of my piano students gave me this gift for Grace yesterday and I just fell in love. I'm a sucker for treble clefs :+D

My sporadic blog...8 months pregnant & more 

I feel so bad for not blogging more often. I want to keep everyone updated more regularly but so much has been happening and changing in my life, it's not often I'm at a computer, ipad or cel phone very long. I do occasionally upload pictures to instagram so you can find me there under KP1480 or KP MURPHY.

We've been undergoing major construction and remodeling at our home for what seems like months and months. It's been one project after the other but all worth the time and temporary…

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It really is...

I cannot find the words to express my happiness. We got a beautiful taste of Spring this past week, the birds were chirping, the sun was shining, the temperature was rising and you could smell Spring in the air. I walked everyday and the warmth inspired me so. It was a LOOOOOONG winter this year, it was dull, windy, dreary and grey. I don't think anyone will be missing it.

Aside from the first breath of Spring, Steven and I found out we are having a baby girl yesterday...what an amazing…

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