My sporadic blog...8 months pregnant & more

I feel so bad for not blogging more often. I want to keep everyone updated more regularly but so much has been happening and changing in my life, it's not often I'm at a computer, ipad or cel phone very long. I do occasionally upload pictures to instagram so you can find me there under KP1480 or KP MURPHY.

We've been undergoing major construction and remodeling at our home for what seems like months and months. It's been one project after the other but all worth the time and temporary 'uncomfortableness'...kind of like being pregnant! During my second trimester we went through remodeling upstairs to have our dream master bedroom/nursery. It wasn't too fun sleeping on an air mattress in the living room with my baby bump but I have zero complaints about how our new space turned out, especially the most comfortable new king sized bed. The eco friendly memory foam mattress was definitely worth the wait. Shout out to my friend Tim T for helping out with the glider and Grace's cubby station! A lot of reading and relaxing happening in the glider ; ) The music room/office got moved downstairs to our old bedroom and though we don't have the large space we had upstairs, it's pretty nice. Amazing what a fresh coat of paint and new carpet can do for a room.

I will be 34 weeks pregnant on Saturday and we are two weeks into our kitchen remodel. So far, so good. I was so nervous about not having a kitchen while pregnant but it's not as bad as I thought it would be. Steve's grillin' up amazing yummy food for me almost every night and eating out is nice too. I can't wait to get cookin' in my new kitchen and not just food. I've been dabbling in making some household/cosmetic things like deodorant, lip balm, all purpose cleaner, etc. Not only am I saving $, more importantly I'm keeping nasty ingredients off me and out of my home which little Gracie will benefit from. It's fun to feel like a scientist for a while ha ha.

I've been playing music, new music, old music, other people's music...though my preggo fingers are swollen, I'm keeping them active! I was thinking of doing some videos but quite honestly I had NO idea how much the third trimester would slow me down. A 90 something year old man literally passed me at the mall. My pace was way too slow for him! I still have a couple videos to release from my Sellersville Theater show back in March so they will have to hold me over until I'm ready and have time to get back out there. I've been playing a TON of piano. I miss playing drums though! We had to pack the kit up and don't have room for it right now. I have a solo guitar album ready to go for next year. It will be 8-10 songs and I can't wait to record this album. I have wanted to do a solo album for so long. There will be piano on it as well and also some ambient layers to the pieces. It's just a seed now but I hope to see it come to life in 2014.

As I write this, Grace is moving like crazy. I guess she's excited too! What a lucky little girl she is. She has had such support and love from so many people and she isn't even here yet. I could never have imagined how many beautiful gifts she would acquire before her grand entrance. Many thanks to all who have been SO incredibly generous to my little angel. We have everything we need and so much more. Steven and I truly appreciate it.

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