For real?

I don't usually blog about mainstream media/music. Someone sent me a picture of Miley Cyrus in a very icky position as a joke and I didn't get it b/c I don't watch trash tv like MTV or VH1. I finally heard about this outrageous performance and I'm about to pop any day, can barely walk around and thought what the hey...I youtubed it. I watched with my jaw on the floor. Words that came to mind were, EW, disgusting, gross, unbelievable, sick and FOR REAL? I am about to give birth to an innocent baby girl and all I can think now is "how will I be able to keep her away from this stuff?" It's easier to control what goes on in my house but what happens when she becomes friends with other kids at school whose parents don't care what their children exposed to? As a teacher, I'd always cringe when one of my 2nd or 3rd graders would want to learn a Rhianna song or worse Nicki Minaj. I couldn't help but judge their parents and wonder why they were allowing their young child to listen to these crazy lyrics that are totally inappropriate for them? I've always thought of myself as this open free spirit but I feel this intense urge to protect Grace from everything and she's not even here yet. Well, I guess the first step is being aware of what's out there instead of completely shutting myself off from it all. I have this tunnel vision mentality where I see what I want and ignore the rest of the world so I can create an environment that is warm, artistic, full of love, enriching and fulfilling. It's simply not going to be that easy anymore. I will be eyes and ears for two and can only hope that Grace will learn to ignore the negativity in the world just like her mama! Now you know why I'm not on facebook. If I had a nickle for every annoying post relating to something that ultimately ended up as a total waste of my time, I'd be a rich gal. Peace.

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