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I will be 37 weeks pregnant tomorrow. I only have 3 more doctor apts. after today unless Grace decides to join us earlier. It has been quite a journey. No matter how many stories you hear from other's about their experience, I know now it can never fully prepare you for your own. Just as we are all 100% unique individuals, our experiences follow in the same path. Music (as always) has kept me afloat, sometimes sailing and other times treading water. None the less, keeping my head above water. My belly is too big to enjoy long periods of guitar playing so I took to the piano and I'm glad I had this time to focus on the keys. Though my swollen fingers keep me from spending the hours I'd like to, I've spent more time in the last two months at my piano than I have in the past two years, dabbling in Bruce Hornsby solos, some Chopin, Corey's song Spiderman and some original compositions. I have Grace to thank for that. I've had to turn down quite a few gigs over the last seven or so months. While I miss performing, this was a much needed break. It has given Steve and I a chance to figure out where to go next and more importantly where not to. Speaking of Steve, I could not have asked for a better partner through this pregnancy journey. You often hear women complain about their husbands during this very hormonal time :) I have no complaints. He is a rock keeping me grounded. He has surprised me in so many ways. Not that I had any doubts but he has only reinforced my high opinion of him and love for him. Oh sappy hormones, leave me be! Seriously though, he is going to be an AMAZING father. We look forward to little live bedroom concerts for Grace and witnessing her passions evolve and change and grow. The song Half Myself just crept into my mind. I definitely don't feel half myself anymore. I have new music to share but no time to share it as of right now. When my belly is gone & Grace, Steve and I are settled into this new life we are about to embark on, I will finally be able to release some new videos and mp3s. I did play two of the new songs at my last show in March...Telepathy & Siren, although the Siren video did not quite come out the way I had imagined so I have ye to make it public. The percussive parts which were crucial to the song did not make it through the mic as I intended. When I play the song acoustically, it sounds completely different so it may be time to experiment with extra internal mics. I've tried to keep things as organic as possible until now but I need to research the placement of existing mics and options for additions. Anyway, TELEPATHY is on my youtube channel. My mid morning fade is approaching. I may not blog again until after Grace is born. I have a lot on my plate right now. I'm doing a hypnobirth so now that we're full term Saturday, I'm practicing trance more than ever. Clean, deep relaxation, eat, deep relaxtion, repeat. Cheers til' next time!

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