What I simply cannot live without at this very moment...

Fleet Foxes, "white winter hymnal" & "he doesn't know why" some of the most beautiful harmonies i've heard in a long time.

Imogen Heap, "first train home" she just keeps getting better and better.

Phoenix, "lisztomania" fun & i like the ending.

Yo La Tengo, "today is the day" dreamy.

Jeff Buckley, "lover you should have come over" oldie but classic and always hits me the same wonderful way I first heard it several years ago.

Andrew Bird, "Anonanimal" f**king genius! he never ceases to amaze, move and inspire me with his intensity.

Andrew Bird, "Oh No" in love with this song & the lyrics are interesting.

Mice Parade, "Focus On The Rollercoaster" simply amazing

Mice Parade, "Tales of Las Negras" yeah!! i just get this euphoric feeling when i listen to this song, i want to cry and laugh simultaneously.

Mice Parade, "Nights Wave" & "Mystery Brethren" always take me to Corey

The Mercury Program, "Sultans Of El Sur" yes yes give me more !

Aloha, "I Don't Know What Else" hits me where it hurts so good


 ...as good as oxygen...